Here are some answers to frequently asked questions and things to know before coming to our room!

 1. An escape what?

 Escape rooms are becoming more common, but many people still aren’t sure what to expect. Escape rooms are filled with clues and puzzles that you solve to beat the room. At our game, you and your team work to break into a bank safe and get out of the room within 60 minutes.

 2. How many people can participate? Is there a minimum number?

 We book 6 people at a time. Have more than 6? We can make sure you have back-to-back time slots and have a friendly competition between teams, or we may be able to add one or two more to a time slot. We don’t require a minimum number to play!

 3. Is there an age requirement?

 Nope. We’ve had a 10-month-old in during a game (he didn’t help much…). Just be aware that our game is designed to be challenging (more on that below), so we recommend ages 13 and up. However, we’ve had kids of all ages in the room. And remember, you’re stuck in a room for 60 minutes.

 4. How long does it take?

 You are given an hour in the room. If you are really really good, you won’t need the full hour!

 5. Does everyone win?

 Lol! Our game is designed to be fun and challenging. Definitely challenging. We average close to a 20% win rate. But even those who don’t escape have fun!

 6. What happens if I don’t escape?

 Little orange men enter singing a creepy, catchy song about you and take you away. We’re not sure what happens after that.

 7. What does it cost?

 It’s $25 per person. We offer discounts for special events. Also, check our Facebook page for occasional discounts and specials.

 8. How do I sign up?!

 The easiest way is to click the Book Now tab above! You can also call us at 740-603-4842.

 9. I still have questions!!

 It happens. Email us at HockingHillsEscapeGames@gmail.com or give us a call at 740-603-4842!