Events & Fundraisers

Special Events

Our room is great for teambuilding exercises, birthdays, and many more special events.  Contact us for special pricing if you have are scheduling a large group activity.


Want something other than selling candy to coworkers or begging for donations to auction off later? We can help! Let the Hocking Hills Escape Games host your next fundraiser or benefit!

How it works:

 You pick the timeframe and provide us with details of the event. We give you a promo code, make a landing page that will tell about the event, and cut you a check at the end.


 1. Is there a minimum or maximum amount of time to hold the event? You may choose anywhere from one day to one month.

 2. How do I make money? We give you a percentage of sales based on the use of the promo code. The percentage will be based upon the timeframe you choose. For example, a shorter event will receive a higher percentage per person, whereas an event lasting the entire month will receive a smaller percentage.

 3. What do I need to do for the event? Step 1 – Provide us with the details, and promote how you wish. Step 2 – Sit back and relax.

 4. What do I not need to do for the event? Sell food or items to people, beg for items or money from friends and businesses, find a venue to host your event, set up the event, tear down and clean up the event, hope the day and time you picked works with others’ schedules, deliver goods to people who purchased from you or who did not wait around to hear their name be drawn…

 5. Is there an initial fee? Nope. The rate for our game is $25 per person. We leave it the same and you will earn a portion for each person using your promo code.

 6. You only answered five questions and I have more. What do I do? Now we’ve answered six! Call us at (740) 603-4842   or email us at We’re happy to discuss further details with you!